Cabril Village

Cabril, Montalegre

The village of Cabril is located at an elevation of 300 meters on the slopes of the left bank of the Cabril stream where it benefits from a microclimate (good solar exposure and humidity provided by the river and the Salmonde reservoir). This is why it is one of the few areas of Barroso and the Peneda-Gerês National Park with favourable conditions for fruit, olive oil and wine production. But Cabril is, or was, above all an area of shepherds and common grazing, where communal practices related to the intense activities of goat and cattle husbandry remain deeply rooted. In fact the name Cabril is precisely related to the breeding of goats, an activity that was once practiced almost exclusively. An area of welcoming people, Cabril also woke up to the opportunities presented by tourism, a fact that has been contributing to the revitalization of the structural heritage, especially of old houses and other buildings that have been restored and adapted for tourist accommodation.

Of note in Cabril is the surrounding landscape, conspicuous being the patchwork of lameiros (water-meadows) and agricultural fields, the expanse of water of the Salamonde reservoir and the granite massifs of the Gerês mountain range. It is very pleasant to stroll along the village streets and enjoy seeing the traditional architecture of the rustic houses, the Church of S. Lourenço and the village square where a cross, fountain and communal wash tank stand.



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