Eixões Bridge, Roda stream

Campo do Gerês, Terras de Bouro

Set over the Roda stream and of probable medieval construction, the Eixões Bridge has, over time, experienced several adulterations, now being somewhat degraded since it was until recently used by motorized traffic. It only ceased being used as a road bridge after (at the end of the 20th century) the construction of the adjacent concrete bridge carrying the current paved road.

Despite the clear inscription on one of the arches of the bridge from the year 1745, it is believed that there is evidence to trace its existence to earlier times. Some scholars believe it can be linked to a change in medieval times of the route of the Roman route Braga - Astorga, the Geira, diverting it from the cross of São João do Campo and making it pass through the village, which would have prompted the construction of the Eixões Bridge.



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