This stage links Germil to the village of Brufe, covering about four and a half kilometers along old tracks and paths in the midst of the Serra Amarela. It is a relatively short route, ideal for families or for those who do not like walking for too many hours.

In addition to the landscapes and natural features of interest, this route exhibits an appreciable cultural and ethnographic heritage since it introduces us to four mountain villages: Germil, Cutelo, Cortinhas and Brufe.

Take care to look out for the waymarks and signposts for the GR50 as there are several intersections and branches along this stage. The signposts relating to the GR50 are clearly identified and, along this stage, are numbered from 10.1 to 10.26 (a numbered plate attached to signposts, the supporting post of information panels or direction mark).

After visiting Germil, we take an old paved track and, following the directions indicated by the GR50 waymarks, we leave the village on its eastern side, passing through a gate that shuts out the livestock that grazes freely on the hills. Leave the gate as you found it.

We leave the village behind us and enter an oak wood, forming a patchwork with the farmed terraces. This mixed type of landscape has a very rich biodiversity, offering a high probability of seeing some faunal species of the National Park, namely birds, small rodents and reptiles.

We continue along the trail that borders the oak wood, climbing gently up the slope, towards the col we could see at the top to the east. The route here is marked by the valley of the Portomalho stream and the small temporary water channels that feed into the main water course.

When we reach the col, at an altitude of 850 meters, there is the possibility of spotting the hamlets of Cutelo and Brufe, framed by a fantastic rural mountain landscape. Note that we cross another path here! Keep in the right direction.

After the col we start the descent towards Cutelo on an old paved track, passing through a small oak wood. We enter the village at its upper, northern end and walk down its main street until finding the signpost indicating the way to Brufe. Whilst passing through Cutelo take time to appreciate the beautiful espigieiros (maize stores) that are built across the track as well as the traditional architecture of the houses. After passing the chapel and through a gate across the path we walk through the well cared for fields belonging to Cutelo. A short distance ahead, we pass through two more gates, near the small bridge over Cruz stream, now already amongst the fields belonging to Cortinhas. The gates we pass through are there to prevent livestock and other animals from going into the cultivated fields, so be sure to close them.

On the edge of the village of Cortinhas we take the farm track on our right, which intersects with the municipal road a little further ahead. We cross the tarmac road and enter again a country track that leads us to Brufe, a picturesque mountain village, very well preserved and with a privileged position overlooking the Homem river valley.

Enjoy the scenery as well as the welcoming rural atmosphere of the village. Search out the traditional buildings and ethnographic wealth. In the village you will also find some tourist services, namely a restaurant and accommodation.

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